Famous Birthdays On 20 December

Kylian Mbappé

Birthday: December 20, 1998
Nationality: French
Kylian Mbappé is a French professional football player, best known for his performance in the 2018 ‘FIFA World Cup.’ Mbappé became the youngest French to score a goal in a ‘World Cup.’ He finished his ‘World Cup’ campaign with four goals for which he was honored with the ‘FIFA World Cup Best Young Player Award.’

Jonah Hill

Birthday: December 20, 1983
Nationality: American
Jonah Hill Feldstein, popularly known as Jonah Hill, is a multi-talented personality; he is an actor, producer, screenwriter, and comedian. He is particularly known for his brilliant portrayal of comedic roles in movies, such as ‘Accepted,’ ‘Grandma’s Boy,’ ‘Superbad,’ ’21 Jump Street,’ and ‘War Dogs.

Bob Morley

Birthday: December 20, 1984
Nationality: Australian
Bob Morley is an Australian actor. He has acted in several short films, TV soap operas, and films. Morley is famous among the Australian TV viewers, as ‘Drew Curtis,’ of the TV series, ‘Home and Away.’ Morley started his acting career by performing in theatres, during his university days

David Bohm

Birthday: December 20, 1917
Nationality: American, Brazilian, British
David Bohm is an American born theoretical physicist who made great contributions to science in his lifetime, especially in the areas of quantum theory, neuropsychology and philosophy. After graduating high school, he went on to study science in college and later filled professorships at a few universities and has written several books on quantum physics and other related sciences.

Irene Dunne

Nick Name: The Iron Maiden, The First Lady Of Hollywood
Birthday: December 20, 1898
Nationality: American
Irene Dunne was an American stage, film and television actress and singer. She was nominated five times for the ‘Best Actress’ Academy Award during her extremely successful Hollywood career. She had a natural flair for acting in ridiculous situations and brought comedy along with beauty, grace and vivacity to Hollywood during its ‘Golden Age’.



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