Identify this dog- Week 1

Bred to be bright and energetic, this breed take their name from “collie,” a Scottish word for sheepdogs, and from the border region of Scotland, the country where the breed was developed. These agile, intelligent dogs are practically athletes when it comes to herding. According to the AKC, onlookers at one of the first sheepdog trials, held in Wales in 1873, were amazed by the pups’ ability to follow hand signals and whistles to gather sheep into pens.

Regardless of breed, training your pup takes time, consistency, and patience (and plenty of treats!), says Rob R. Jackson, CEO and co-founder of Healthy Paws Pet Insurance. “If you’ve recently brought home a puppy, start with three core training basics that will teach your puppy how to behave appropriately,” he says. He recommends focusing on potty training, commands like “sit” and “stay,” and socializing, so your pup gets used to new people and situations and other animals.

Breed Name :Border collies

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