The Kenyan Coronavirus hairstyle trend

There is a new hairstyle trend in Kenya and it has being dubbed the ‘Corona virus hairstyle’. This hairstyle resembles models of the COVID Virus and has antennae like braids that move across the head. One reason that this is back in style is because it is less costly. The lockdown has stopped daily work activities causing economic hardship amongst many. Thus people are choosing this relatively cheaper hairstyle that costs only 50 cents as compared to other hairstyles that cost 3-5 USD. This hairstyle went out of style in recent years because the market was flooded with real and synthetic long hair from India and China.

Many people believe that this hairstyle has also been revived to raise awareness and remind people to distance, wear masks and wash their hands.

A 24-year-old hairdresser, Sharon Refa, works in a poor neighbourhood in Nairobi and told The Associated Press that a lot of young girls are coming to her to get the spikey “coronavirus hairstyle.”

Refa thinks the hairstyle can be one way to get adults who don’t believe in the virus to take coronavirus guidelines more seriously. “So many adults do not do this, and that is why we came up with the corona hairstyle,” Refa added.

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