Wizz through the 1,975-foot-long World’s Longest Inflatable Waterslide

Thing that exists: a 1,975-foot-long slip ‘n slide — that’s 1/3 of a mile — at Action Park in New Jersey. With a GoPro attached to his head, a park employee slid along what is now the world’s longest inflatable waterslide for an entire minute and did a mid-air corkscrew flip towards the end.

Guinness World Records has certified Action Park’s new 1,975-feet long water slide as the longest in the world as of this month, meaning it’s sure to draw some record crowds as soon as New Jersey okays the 10,000 feet of of inflatable polyvinyl chloride.


The slide itself is made up of twenty 100 foot sections of inflatable material (basically twenty bounce houses) that are stitched together by six million stitches. Each stitch is capable of holding 25 pounds and the entire slide is built on a 1.8-inch thick base that protects the rider from the ground. Combined, those two facts mean the slide should have no weight limit for passengers.

It takes two generators to power the 15 engines that keep the slide inflated and 400 stakes to hold down the slide, while 1,000 gallons of water per hour run down the length of it. It’s pretty staggering to think about from a technical standpoint.

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