Can your Teeth become your Headphones?

Ears can pick up sounds, but so can teeth! Why not try it out yourself!

What you will need

  • Metal Fork
  • Metal Spoon

What to do

  • With your thumb and index finger, hold a metal fork gently by the middle of the handle.
  • Bang a metal spoon against the tine end of the fork and you will hear a little sound.
  • As the sound fades, put the fork’s handle between your front teeth and grip it (gently!) with your teeth. Don’t
  • let your lips or tongue touch it. You’ll hear a sound again, through your teeth!
  • Why do you think this happens? Think of your own best answer, then read our explanation below.

How it Works

Solid things, like teeth, carry sound better than air does. Your teeth pick up the vibrations that are still in the fork but are too faint for your ears to hear.


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