Know your Body

The human body is a complex biological system involving cells, tissues, organs, and systems all working together to make up a human being. Here are few interesting facts you have never heard before!

If all the blood vessels in your body were laid end to end, they would reach about 60,000 miles.

Abraham Lincoln probably had a medical condition called Marfans syndrome. Some of its symptoms are extremely long bones, curved spine, an arm span that is longer than the persons height, eye problems, heart problems and very little fat. It is a rare, inherited condition.

In one day your heart beats 100,000 times.

Half your body’s red blood cells are replaced every seven days.

By the time you are 70 you will have easily drunk over 12,000 gallons of water.

Coughing can cause air to move through your windpipe faster than the speed of sound – over a thousand feet per second!

Germs only cause disease, right? But a common bacterium, E. Coli, found in the intestine helps us digest green vegetables and beans (also making gases – pew!). These same bacteria also make vitamin K, which causes blood to clot. If we didn’t have these germs we would bleed to death whenever we got a small cut!

It takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile.

That dust on rugs and your furniture is not only dirt. It’s mostly made of dead skin cells. Everybody loses millions of skin cells every day which fall on the floor and get kicked up to land on all the surfaces in a room. You could say, “That’s me all over.”

It takes food seven seconds to go from the mouth to the stomach via the esophagus.

A human’s small intestine is 6 meters long.

The human body is 75% water.

Your blood takes a very long trip through your body. If you could stretch out all of a human’s blood vessels, they would be about 60,000 miles long. That’s enough to go around the world twice.

The strongest bone in your body is the femur (thighbone), and it’s hollow!

The width of your armspan stretched out is the length of your whole body.

The average human dream lasts only 2 to 3 seconds.

The average American over fifty will have spent 5 years waiting in lines.

The farthest you can see with the naked eye is 2.4 million light years away! (140,000,000,000,000,000,000 miles.) That’s the distance to the giant Andromeda Galaxy. You can see it easily as a dim, large gray “cloud” almost directly overhead in a clear night sky.

The average person has at least seven dreams a night.

Your brain is move active and thinks more at night than during the day.

Your brain is 80% water.

85% of the population can curl their tongue into a tube.

Your tongue has 3,000 taste buds.

Your forearm (from inside of elbow to inside of wrist) is the same length as your foot.

A sneeze travels at over 100 miles per hour. Gesundheit!

Your thigh bone is stronger than concrete.

Your fingernails grow almost four times as fast as your toenails.

You blink your eyes over 10,000,000 a year.

There were about 300 bones in your body when you were born, but by the time you reach adulthood you only have 206.

The smallest bones in the human body are in your ear!

Your mouth uses 75 muscles when you speak!

When you wake up in the morning you are at taller than when you go to sleep, because you have let your spine straighten back out after all the bending, sitting, and moving you have done!

It is impossible to sneeze with your eyes open.

The average growth of hair is half an inch per month.

If hair remains uncut, it can grow up to 5 feet long.

Your tongue, eye, and jaw muscles are among the strongest muscles in your body.

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