Nostradamus & Mysterious Prophecies

Many of you might have heard of Nostradamus. Well he was a sixteenth century seer who according to supporters has accurately predicted many significant events in the world including Hitler’s invasion of Poland, the Great Fire of London and the civil war in Yugoslavia. In Order to avoid possible accusations of witchcraft, Nostradamus wrote his prophecies in ambiguous verses so that its true meaning cannot be understood that easily. He used a mixture of languages, mostly Latin, Greek and French and many of the stanzas contained words that do not exist elsewhere. Above all the time sequence of his stanzas was not ordered. Despite the ambiguity of its versus, many people still read Nostradamus verses and their interpretation continues to be a subject of controversy.

Interesting Facts about Nostradamus

1. Nostradamus was expelled from medical school.
2. In addition to prophecies, Nostradamus published a cookbook.
3. His predictions were based on events from the past.
4. His contemporaries criticized his astrological skills.
5. Nostradamus’ prophecies were used as propaganda during World War II.

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