The Bermuda Triange- An Unsolved Mystery

When people get in an airplane, the last thought on their mind is that the airplane might disappear. Sure – planes can be delayed, or even crash, but a disappearing plane is a pretty far-fetched idea. This is what makes the Bermuda Triangle such a mystery.

The Bermuda Triangle is the part of the Atlantic Ocean that lies between the island of Bermuda, the state of Florida, and Puerto Rico. For many, many years, very strange things have taken place in the Bermuda Triangle that have left people stumped. Boats have gone missing, planes have vanished, and some people even swear that they have seen UFO activity in the Bermuda Triangle.One of the first accounts of of a plane that went missing after flying over the Bermuda Triangle was in 1945, when Flight 19 departed from the U.S. Naval Base in Florida for a training session, but never returned. When two planes went out to search for it, only one returned. The remains of the planes have never been found. Since then, other aircrafts have mysteriously disappeared, such as the Tudor Star Tiger (a passenger aircraft flying to Jamaica in 1949), Flight 441 (a naval aircraft on the way to Portugal in 1954) and a DC-3 passenger airplane flying to Miami in 1948.

Boats have also vanished without a trace while sailing through the Bermuda Triangle. These boats are known as ghost ships. In 1872, the boat known as Mary Celeste never arrived at its destination. People were able to find the boat, but no humans – dead or alive – were found.
While nothing has ever been proven in the cases of the Bermuda Triangle, there are some theories that scientists have come up with in order to explain the disappearances. One theory is that methane gas is trapped under the sea floor in the Bermuda Triangle. The methane gas can erupt from time to time. This causes the water to become less dense and the ships to sink and the planes to catch fire.

Another theory is the Sargasso Sea theory. Allegedly, the Sargasso Sea is an unusual body of water that has no current or waves. This causes ships to get stuck and lose the ability to move forward.

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