The Funny Side of Hiccups

Hiccups are loud, embarrassing, and mildly uncomfortable. We have no control over them and they can happen anytime, anywhere. But they can cause a giggle in the room! Let’s explore some fun facts on Hiccups.

  • Hiccups are a mystery, no one knows for sure why they happen!
  • Almost all mammals have hiccups .
  • The medical term for the hiccups is singultus.
  • The sound of a hiccup is caused by your own body cutting off the air that you have sucked in.
  • Babies in the womb hiccup too!
  • Babies hiccup more than adults.
  • Hiccups can happen up to 60 times per minute.
  • The longest bout of hiccups lasted for 68 years.
  • The medieval term for hiccups were “hockets”.
  • Once you hiccup more than 7 times, you typically will hiccup 63 times or more.

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