The ‘X’ Sign and it’s significance on the Last Bogie of a Train

Train journeys are always fascinating and if you are a frequent traveller or not, you may have noticed the letter X or a cross mark on the backside of the last coach of the train. If you have not keenly observed yet, you might want to have a look the next time you visit the railway station.

For those who have already observed a mark like that and have wondered why it remains behind the last box of the train, here is some understanding. Usually the X is painted with a bright yellow or white colour on the last bogie behind the passenger trains running in India.

Also, if you look closely, you will also find the letters LV written along with the cross mark. The term LV depicts Last Vehicle. It is also a small board sign highlighted with black on yellow colour and is usually attached to the rear side of the vehicle. A red light is available right below the letter X and it is a vital element to focus.

There is an important reason for its presence and that too at the last box of the train. The X mark on the last wagon of a train is highlighted with a mission to save an accident. It helps to ascertain that the one with the mark is the last box of that train. This sign also helps the staff to indicate that if the box with the X sign is not a trail behind a train, then it is in an emergency. A coach has a chance to get in an accident, if it is separated from the train.

The guard, on duty to display the green flag on the rail crossing, sees the X mark so that it can be confirmed that all the coaches of that train are connected. At night, when it is dark and the sign is not very prominent, the red light under the scope of the mark helps to determine the last coach.

When the mark and the light does not reflect in its normal tendency, it alerts the railway staff and authority that the train has run in some trouble. It saves passengers and people around from any fatal happening or mishap.

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