The origin of the word “OK”

What does “OK” stand for?

“‘OK’ was used as an abbreviation for ‘Oll Korrect’!

Abbreviations was a rage during the 1800’s and more so in the printing press. The Editor of Boston Morning Post published a humourous article about a satirical organization called the ‘Anti-Bell ringing Society’. The article was in good humour about the correct use of grammar.

While the other abbreviations faded in due time, OK stayed for years and is used even today! So, how did Ok get so famous?

Story and History of the word “OK”

During the 1840 elections the abbreviation OK got merged with Martin van Burren’s nickname, Old Kinderhook. Some fans got together and opened a club and had posters and banners saying ‘Vote for OK’. This slogan was used widely and Van Burren also popularised the term. Swiftly and steadily the term reached outside and had an international fan following.

So OK still stands hand in hand with other slangs like OMG or LOL!

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