This Day In History – April 13

Today in Histroy

837 Best view of Halley’s Comet in 2,000 years
989 Battle at Abydos: Byzantine emperor Basilius II beats Bardas Phocas
1055 Bishop Gebhard van Eichstattt named Pope Victor II
1111 After months of controversy Pope Paschal II crowns Henry V, the King of Germany and Italy, as the Holy Roman Emperor
1180 Diet of Gelnhausen; Henry the Lion deprived of the Duchy of Saxony
1204 Crusaders occupy Constantinople
1241 Battle of Theiss: Mongols beat Hungarian King Béla IV
1250 The Seventh Crusade is defeated in Egypt, Louis IX of France captured
1256 The Grand Union of the Augustinian order formed when Pope Alexander IV issues papal bull Licet ecclesiae catholicae
1346 Pope Clemens VI declares German emperor Louis of Bavaria, envoy
1517 Ottoman army occupies Cairo
1556 Portuguese Marranos who revert back to Judaism burned by order of Pope

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