This Day In History – July 21

1920Sinn Fein and Unions riot in Belfast.
1940Soviet Union annexes Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.
1960Sirimavo Bhandaranaike of Sri Lanka becomes the world's first woman prime minister.
1969Apollo 11 austronauts Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin Jr. blasts off from Moon and head back to earth after first Lunar landing.
1970The Aswan high dam across the Nile river in Egypt is completed, after 11 years.
1975Soviet Soyuz spacecraft lands safely in Soviet Central Asia after its rendezvous in space with the american Apollo craft.
2005China revalue its currency after US pressure.
2005London hit by blasts again.Four small cordinated explosions London's bus and underground train network injuring one person exactly 2 weeks after bombers killed more than 50 people in the city.
2015The World's first bionic eye implant is performed for a partially sighted British pensioner to see again.
2018New Zealand's Black Ferns wins World cup Sevens Crowns.

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