This Day In History – July 25

1920French forces occupy Damascus,Syria.
1934Chancellor Engelbert Dollfuss is assassinated in an unsuccessful Nazi coup attempt in Austria.
1957Tunisia becomes independent from France.
1963United States,Soviet Union and Britain conclude treaty prohibiting nuclear testing in atmosphere, Space or under water.
1978The world's first test tube baby,Louise Brown,is Born in Britain.
1984Soviet cosmonaut Svetlana Savitskaya becomes the first Woman to walk in space.
1994Jordan and Israel seal the End of a 46 year State of war.
1998Saudi Arabia and Yemen reach an agreement on the principles of a solution to a border conflict.
2000Concorde crash kills 113 in Pairs. An Air France Concorde spouting a trail of flames nearly as long as the sleek supersonic jet Itself slammed Into a hotel northeast of Paris,Killing 113 people in an inferno which ended the Exclusive airliner's perfect 31- year safety record.

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