This Day In History – June 29

Today in History

1613 Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London, England, burns down during a performance of “Henry VIII”
1900 The Imperial Chinese Court issues what is essentially a declaration of war against the foreigners in China and blames hostilities on them, giving license to Boxers for even greater ferocity
1949 South Africa begins implementing apartheid; no mixed marriages
1964 Civil Rights Act of 1964 passed after 83-day filibuster in the US Senate
1966 Vietnam War: US planes bomb the North Vietnamese capital Hanoi and the port city of Haiphong for the first time
1994 US reopens Guantanamo Naval Base to process refugees

Today in Film & TV

1964 1st draft of Star Trek’s pilot “Cage” released

Today in Music

1888 First (known) recording of classical music made, Handel’s Israel in Egypt on wax cylinder

Today in Sport

1958 FIFA World Cup Final, Råsunda Stadium, Stockholm, Sweden: Vavá & Pelé each score 2 goals as Brazil beats Sweden, 5-2

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