This Day In History – May 14

Today in Histroy

1787 Delegates gather in Philadelphia to draw up US Constitution
1796 English country doctor Edward Jenner administers the first inoculation against smallpox, using cowpox pus, in Berkeley, Gloucestershire
1804 Meriwether Lewis and William Clark’s expedition commissioned by Thomas Jefferson sets out from St Louis for Pacific Coast
1948 Israel declares independence from British administration

Today in Film & TV

1998 Seinfeld’s final 2-part episode “The Finale” airs on NBC to 76.3M viewers (commercials priced at $2M for 30 seconds)

Today in Music

1832 Felix Mendelssohn’s concert overture “Hebrides” premieres in London

Today in Sports

1967 NY Yankee Mickey Mantle hits career HR #500 off Baltimore Oriole’s Stu Miller

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