Today In History – 27 October

Important Events

312 Roman Emperor Constantine the Great is said to have received his famous Vision of the Cross

1795 Pinckney’s Treaty [Treaty of San Lorenzo] signed by Spain and US, establishing the southern boundary of the US and giving Americans right to navigate the Mississippi River

1962 Black Saturday during the Cuban Missile Crisis: An American spy plane is shot down over Cuba and the navy drops warning depth charges on Soviet submarines

1982 China announces its population has reached 1 billion-plus people

1986 British government deregulates financial markets in a “Big Bang”, enhancing London’s status as a financial capital while increasing income inequality

Today In Film & TV

1955 “Rebel Without a Cause”, directed by Nicholas Ray, starring James Dean and Natalie Wood, is released

Today In Music

1960 Singer Ben E. King records “Spanish Harlem” & “Stand By Me”

Today In Sports

1931 Chuhei Numbu of Japan, sets then long jump record at 26′ 2½”

1961 American Basketball League starts play

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