Today In History – 9 November

Important Events

1494 Piero the Unfortunate of the de’ Medici family, ruler of Florence, loses his power and flees the state

1799 Napoleon Bonaparte pulls off a coup and becomes the dictator of France under the title of First Consul

1980 Iraqi President Saddam Hussein declares holy war against Iran

1994 Darmstadtium, Chemical element 110, discovered at GSI Helmholtz Centre for Heavy Ion Research near Darmstadt, Germany

1998 Brokerage houses are ordered to pay 1.03 billion USD to NASDAQ investors to compensate for price-fixing – largest civil settlement in US history

Today In Film & TV

1984 Wes Craven’s horror film “A Nightmare on Elm Street” premieres in the US

Today In Music

1858 1st performance of NY Symphony Orchestra

Today In Sports

1985 Garry Kasparov becomes the youngest ever world chess champion (22), with a 13-11 win over fellow Russian Anatoly Karpov

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