What’s So Special About 12 November?

World Pneumonia Day

The practice of observing November 12th as World Pneumonia Day was started in 2009 by the group called “Stop Pneumonia.”  This year 2019 will be the 10th anniversary of this special day dedicated to creating awareness about pneumonia.  There is both good and bad news about this disease – it is easily preventable and treatable, at the same time, many deaths are also attributed to pneumonia (2400 children below 5 years per day!!). While most adults get cured with antibiotics, in infants, the elderly (over 65 years), and immunocompromised people, this disease can be life-threatening. Every child has a right to clean water and air, essential life-saving vaccines, and basic medical facilities.  World Pneumonia Day has a three-pronged approach to protect, prevent, and treat.

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