What’s So Special About 13 December?

World Violin day

World Violin day is celebrated on the 13th of December every year. Just twelve days before Christmas. So, World Violin day is the Christmas Seasons celebrations as well that take place across the world, and in these celebrations, the violin plays a very vital role. Violin is said to be one of the best instruments to play, though it is equally tough. The origin of the violin was during the time of the 9th century in Europe or rather Asia. Nobody actually knows as to who invented this instrument. Violin came into the limelight in the fifteenth century in Italy where violins were made in the town of Cremona in northern Italy. Violin took almost 450 years to bring it into the form that it looks like today. I Violin is a sophisticated kind of string instrument. Violin has one musical bow as well as an arched stick where a string is strongly tied to its two ends. The string is separated by a bridge or loop. For enhancing its resonance, the primitive bow is placed in front of the mouth.

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