What’s So Special About 29 October?

International Internet Day

International Internet Day is celebrated worldwide, every year on 29th of October. Since the year 2005 the International Internet Day has been famously celebrated to commemorate a momentous day in the history of telecommunications and technology. This was the event of the sending of the first message, first electronic message which was transferred from one computer to another in 1969. This was situated in California, in the USA. Today the International Internet Day is also an on-line project germinating from the society, of the society and for the society.

World Stroke Day

World Stroke Day, on October 29th, seeks to emphasize the serious nature and high rates of stroke. The day is also observed to raise awareness of the prevention and treatment of strokes. According to previous statistics, one in six people were expected to have a stroke during their lifetime. Fifteen million people around the world have strokes each year. It’s also the leading cause of disability. A stroke may cause paralysis, sensory disturbances, aphasia, and emotional disturbances. Over 6 million people die as a result of a stroke. Throughout the world, stroke is the second leading cause of death. Additionally, current statistics suggest that the number of people expected to have a stroke has increased. Now, one in four people is likely to have a stroke.

World Psoriasis Day

World Psoriasis Day on October 29th every year recognizes those who suffer from psoriasis and/or psoriatic arthritis. The day aims to increase awareness and improve access to treatment. Throughout the world, 125 million people have psoriasis. In the United States, more than 8 million Americans have the disease. Up to 30 percent of people who have psoriasis get psoriatic arthritis. Psoriasis is a systemic inflammatory disease. This skin condition speeds up the life cycle of skin cells. As a result, the body has extra skin cells. These extra cells form itchy red patches on the skin. Besides being itchy, the red patches are often painful. Other symptoms include cracked skin that sometimes bleeds and small scaling spots. In some cases, psoriasis causes the joints to become inflamed and stiff. When psoriasis affects the joints it is called psoriatic arthritis.

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