Who invented the Homework?

Homework was invented by Roberto Nevilis in 1095 in the city of Venice. All the credit mostly goes to Roberto Nevilis for being one of the first to give homework. There might have been others, but there is no evidence or recordings of them.

According to Roberto Nevilis, who invented school and homework, this academic task provides the student with the opportunity:

  • to work without haste;
  • to study with no outside estimation;
  • to choose the optimal rhythm (hours) of work;
  • to independently plan the course of work;
  • to involve all necessary sources of information.

In fact homework was introduced during the same time as the formal school system. In that time only well-to-do people had leisure of education and Nevilis wanted that his pupils should fully understand and embrace the lessons they learnt. Since formal educational system was developed at the same time as homework it became a part of it in European countries.

In the United States educational was not taken seriously till the 20th century. It was taken as a nuisance since children were needed at home to support their family instead of being involved with studies. But after the 2nd World War the mindset of people changed when the World stated needing more people with educational qualification to help with problem around the Globe.

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