Why did Poseidon destroy the City of Atlantis

Have you heard the story of the lost kingdom of Atlantis? According to Greek mythology, Atlantis was a series of beautiful islands created by the Greek God of the Sea, Poseidon, for his bride Cleito. The kingdom basked in sunshine and abounded with wheat, fruits and vegetables. The soil was rich in precious metals and vast herds of animals roamed the land.

The islands were ruled by wise kings who saw to it that peace and prosperity reigned and that art and culture flourished. But alas, in time, the people grew lazy and greedy. They began fighting among themselves for power and glory. This made Poseidon so angry that he sent a juge tidal wave that engulfed the islands, and Atlantis disappeared forever beneath the waves.

The Real Atlantis

Even though many people consider the lost kingdom of Atlantis a myth, there are some who are convinced that it really existed. According to them, the real Atlantis was the city of Santorini in the Eastern Mediterranean that disappeared under the sea following a volcanic explosion in 1500 BC.

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