Why do Elephant’s never forget?

How big is an elephant’s brain?

Elephants are known to have a great memory and have the largest brain mass of all mammals, weighing a whopping 5 kilograms! Elephant Cognition is the study of the mind of an elephant and studies have shown that elephants have a brain very similar to that of humans. They have a highly convoluted hippocampus and an elephant’s brain has almost as many neurons as the human brain.

Why do elephants have such a great memory?

Elephants have a high ‘Encephalization Quotient’ or EQ. This quotient is based on the actual size of the brain as compared to the size projected by scientists (the size they expect it to be based on the animal’s body weight). This means that the smaller the ratio is, the less intelligent the animal is. This ratio contributes to the elephant’s amazing memory!

Do elephant’s remember humans?

Elephants can remember other elephants and humans upon seeing them. They are known to hold grudges against those who have injured or hurt them and raise alarms to protect their herd against these dangers. They are also able to remember the location of sources of water and the location of sources of food.

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