Why do we Sneeze?

We sneeze when our nose is irritated, and then a split-second autopilot reflex kicks in causing us to…achoo!
A body gets ride of schnoz invaders this way and the result is that air along with droplets of water and mucus get forcefully puffed out of our mouth and nose.

We are talking up to 100 mile an hour kind of speed here. That’s quicker than most professional pitcher’s fastball. And, hundreds of thousands of microbes might be hitching a ride on that snot train.

So sneezing, is basically is a great way to spread germs. For some people, wires in their brain get crossed. They end up sneezing at weird moments, like when they pluck their eyebrows or walk into the sun. But, no matter how bad the timing, if you start to sneeze, let her rip. Holding on to one has the potential to do some damage including rupturing your eardrums. And yes, it’s possible to sneeze with your eyes open, but no, your eyeballs are not going to pop out.

It’s a no too that the myth of sneezing stops your heart. Speaking of something not stopping, in 978 days Donna Griffiths holds the record for the longest run of continuous sneezing. You can only hope she bought stock in tissues.

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