Help Yourself through Writer’s Block

Have you ever experienced difficulty in completing a writing assignment from school? Or struggled for words while answering examination questions? Not to worry because we all face such problems from time to time and children are no exception. Is there a way to overcome it? The first step in overcoming an issue is learning about it from all aspects.

Writer’s block is a condition in which a writer or an author momentarily loses the ability to complete a work or produce a new work. This condition varies widely in intensity, sometimes it lasts for a few seconds or minutes and other times it can last for months.

There are many different ways to overcome this block. Helping yourself through writers block demands lot of patience and committed efforts till you succeed.

First, figure out what is preventing you from writing the assignment. It could be outside distractions such television, the internet, computer games or lack on interest in the subject matter. Try to eliminate the cause to the best possible so that there are fewer distractions obstructing you from getting the assignment finished.

Create a game. Tell yourself that you are on a game of writing where you have a fixed number of seconds to get started and must write something within  the allocated time or you lose the game. Play with you pen and paper, and hold a contest to think of something to write first.

Write with passion, write with insight and write as if your life is dependent on it. Writing is most intense when it naturally flows without any external compulsion. Turn off the editor in your inner self. Grammar is important but you can always go back later and edit your material. The important thing is to write and let your passion splash all over the draft.

Believe in your abilities and assure that you can do it. Pat your shoulders for the good ideas, so that when the writers block emerges, you will feel more secure of your abilities. Also, appreciate yourself, express and enjoy when you are finished with the writing assignment.

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