The heartwarming story of a Qantas 787 captain

This is a heart-warming story from a Sean Golding a Qantas 787 captain who has swapped jobs to help in the COVID19 crisis.

Captain Golding takes up the story;

“I trained as a paramedic 4 years ago while I was flying the A330 and would study in my hotel room on layovers and do clinical experience on my days off.

I was also working as a casual diving instructor so thought the paramedic skills might come in handy.

Ironically, I’ve never had to use them diving, but have had a few instances on the aircraft where it’s proven helpful.

One time I was a passenger on a flight and a woman started bleeding quite badly. I worked with an emergency doctor who happened to be on board to manage her condition with IV fluids to keep her stable until we landed.

When COVID-19 came about, I had this training to fall back on, so was able to switch from flying a 787 around the world to riding in an ambulance.

I’ve had a few COVID-19 patients in the back with me as we move them from hospital to hospital.

Sometimes I tell them flying stories as a distraction. It has been eye-opening and rewarding both personally and professionally to do something different.

If nothing else, COVID-19 has made me realise how important it is to find the good in every situation and make the most of each moment, because as I keep seeing, sometimes those moments are gone.”

EDITOR: Qantas Pilot Sean Golding, B787 Captain currently working for State Medical Assistance contracting to NSW Health as a Paramedic.

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