Check the List of the world’s top ‘magnetic’ cities

The list of the most magnetic cities of the world has been compiled out of the Global Power City Index by the Mori Memorial Foundation’s Institute for Urban Strategies. The index on magnetic cities is based on official data as well as interviews with thousands of people in all the 48 cities it surveyed.

The primary factor for the ranking in the Global Power City Index is magnetism. It takes into context the ability of these cities to attract people, enterprises, and capital from all over the world. It is based on 70 measures, which include economy, research, development, accessibility, and other such concerns.

Here is a list of the top five magnetic cities in the world.

1. London

The British capital bags the top position as the most magnetic city in the world. The 2020 rankings gave London the best score in all categories except environment. It even got the highest score when it comes to cultural interaction and accessibility.

2. New York

New York remains a popular city and holds on to its second position in magnetism. It was rated better than any other on economics but its livability score saw a decline in 2020.

3. Tokyo

Like New York, Tokyo saw a decline in its livability score but excelled when it came to environment and accessibility. Tokyo is only one of the two Asian cities that figured in the top five list of magnetic cities.

4. Paris

The French capital improved its scores in the economy category but its overall score fell back, in contrast to the last year when its ratings had improved. It is to be noted that Paris was witness to a strike by the city sanitation workers in February this year.

5. Singapore

Singapore has now gained recognition as one of the most magnetic cities in the world. It witnessed an improved ranking in all areas except cultural interaction. It is followed by Amsterdam, Berlin, Seoul, Hong Kong, and Shanghai in the next five positions.

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