Frozen Niagara spreads delightful rainbow

Partially frozen Niagara Fall’s Amazing Pictures are viral on social media.

                  Rainbow appears  over Frozen Niagara

Speaking to USA Today, Angela Berti, a spokeswoman for Niagara Falls State Park in western New York, explained that the Niagara Falls cannot possibly “fully freeze”. Ice builds up from the river and it seems though that the falls are frozen but water continues to flow.

Icing Sculptures

The last time Niagara Falls froze completely was in 1938. It was triggered by ice jams upriver.

Winter Wonder

“The most remarkable (freeze) was when both the Canadian and American falls froze solid, and that was in 1848,” she added. But “due to the installation of what we call the ‘ice boom,’ the falls will never freeze over again.”

Astonishing  Niagara

Niagara Falls is made up of waterfalls on both sides of the US-Canada border.

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