Google 3D Animals gives company during Quarantine

A feature by Google lets animals and birds come near as if they were real, yes, you can view them in 3D! Google 3D animals have become a sudden hit among people staying indoors across countries. Children seem to be quite amused with their favourite animals visiting them at their homes. Some of the popular animals and birds in this feature include lion, tiger, penguin, giant panda and dog. With they confined to their homes, Google 3D feature is helping them pass time at home. As more and more people are becoming acquainted with the feature, we bring to you the entire list of animals and birds included in the Google 3D Animals feature.

The list of animals and birds in you can view in Google 3D Animals feature include 1. Tiger, 2. Cheetah, 3. Shar, 4. Hedgehog, 5. Duck, 6. Emperor penguin, 7. Wolf, 8. Angler fish, 9. Goat, 10. Rottweiler, 11. Snakes, 12. Eagle, 13. Brown bear, 14. Alligator, 15. Horse, 16. Shetland pony, 17. Macaw, 18. Pug, 19. Turtle, 20. Cat, 21. Octopus, 22. Dog.

To use Google 3D feature, you have to Google the name of the animals. For example, Google ‘cheetah’ and follow the steps mentioned below. In the search results, you will see a box which says, “Meet a life-sized giant lion up close”. Then click on the ‘view in 3D’ button, and proceed to click ‘view in your space’ to see the panda near you. To activate this feature, you will have to give Google access to your camera. And then you will see the animal standing right in front of you!

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