National Footballer Helps Ten-Year-Old Malaysia Boy Selling Fruit Juice To Buy A PS4

Kids love video games and almost all of them want to have a PlayStation for themselves but that’s not something all of them can get. Similarly, a ten-year-old boy who could not get his parents to get him a gaming console started selling fruit juice so that he can buy a gaming console sooner.

Danish Izzudin’s older sister Sally Nur Dinie took to Twitter two days ago saying her brother had set his sights on getting himself a PlayStation 4 (PS4) and was willing to work to achieve his goal.

“My 10-year-old brother has started selling pure mango juice because he wants to buy a PS4. So I helped him find a customer earlier and they ordered six bottles. Just look at the big smile on his face.”

She said each bottle of pure mango juice only costs RM3, with free delivery available in the Puchong area.

According to mStar, Sally, 17, added that Danish was even more determined more than ever after failing to meet his mother’s agreed-upon conditions to get a PS4.

“He’s wanted one since last year but our mother said that he has to get the best results in his exams first and he didn’t manage to.

“So, our dad gave him the idea to make and sell mango juice since our mother has a mango pickle business. Danish was so excited about the idea because it would help him get the PS4 a little bit faster.”

Sally’s post has since garnered over 14,000 shares on Twitter alone, with many users aiming to make Danish’s wish come true, even offering to pay it forward to help him achieve his goal.

However, Danish won’t have to worry on a long wait to afford one as mStar reported that Harimau Malaya and Johor Darul Ta’zim (JDT) football plater Muhammad Safawi Rasid caught wind of his endeavour and plans to sponsor a PS4 for him.

Growing up in a family with 13 siblings and missing out on many luxuries, Safawi said he related to Danish and felt inclined to help the Puchong boy out.

“It used to be hard for me to get things I dreamt of having when I was a child. My family had more important things to spend money on, so I would save up my Raya money to get the things I wanted.

“Now, I’m lucky enough to be a professional footballer with JDT. So why not help Danish get his dream? I’ll get some of my gamer friends to send the gift to him soon.”

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