Quokka: “World’s Happiest Animal”

Search for the cutest animal on the planet has been called off as we think we found it!!

Quokka is an animal that is always as happy as a dog who’s about to receive its favorite treat. These Australian quokkas look as if nothing could ever bring them down and get excited over something as simple as a tasty leaf. As you see the quokka, you can feel the wave of joy and we dare you to not get the widest smile on your face.

Quokkas have little fear of humans and common approach people closely, particularly on Rottnest Island, where a prevalent population exists. Though quokkas have a reputation of being the happiest animal on Earth, annually, a few dozen cases of quokkas biting people, especially children, are reported. There are certain restrictions regarding feeding. It is illegal for members of the public to handle the animals in any way, and feeding, particularly of “human food”, is especially discouraged, as they can easily get sick. An infringement notice carrying a A$300 fine can be issued by the Rottnest Island Authority for such an offense. The maximum penalty for animal cruelty is a A$50,000 fine and a five-year prison sentence.

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