The Balloon World Cup officially begins in Spain

No, we’re not kidding—the Balloon World Cup does exist! Have you ever played a game of “keep the balloon from touching the ground”? If you’ve ever received a balloon from a birthday party, or blew one up just because, there’s a great chance that you’ve tossed the balloon in the air and tried to keep it from touching the ground. This is a game that you’ve probably played by yourself or with others at some point in your life.

But think this is only a silly game that kids play? Wrong! This game has officially made it to the big leagues because earlier this year, the first ever Balloon World Cup was held in Spain. Thirty-two teams of competitive ballooners from around the world were invited to compete in this sport where only two rules exist: no getting in the way of your opponent from getting the balloon, and the balloon must be hit in an upward motion.

Wondering what the setup of the Balloon World Cup looked like? A living room, of course! Participants jumped, rolled, and walked over furniture and other blockades to keep a balloon from touching the ground. In the end, Peru beat Germany 6-2 and took home the title of inaugural Balloon World Cup Champion.


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