The oldest message in a bottle is 132 years old

The oldest message in a bottle is 132 years old

Have you ever sent a message in a bottle?

message in a bottle is a way of sending a message, where people write a letter and put it in a bottle and release it into the ocean. In the olden days, people who were lost on islands or ships at sea used to send such messages. They hoped the bottles would reach beaches and people would rescue them. Today, you can send a message in a bottle for fun, or to remember loved ones.

In 2018, someone discovered the 0ldest message in a bottle on a beach in Australia. This message had been sent 132 years ago from a German ship. Scientists had thrown thousands of these bottles into the ocean to study ocean waves.

The letter in the bottle was very old and experts had to handle it carefully. It’s actually amazing that the letter was still readable after so long! The letter mentions when and from where exactly it was thrown into the ocean. It also mentions where to return the letter to, in case anyone finds it.

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