Aashna Kanhai

Amb. Aashna Kanhai is the Ambassador of Suriname to India. The Republic of Suriname opened its first resident diplomatic mission in 2000 in New Delhi. Currently, the Embassy of Suriname in New Delhi is concurrently accredited to The Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka and to the Republic of Bangladesh.

Suriname’s Embassy in India, which is headed by Indian-origin ambassador Aashna Kanhai, celebrated Holi in the traditional style on Friday. According to the 2012 Census of Suriname, 148,443 citizens of that country are of Indian origin. Indo-Surinamese made up 37.6 percent of the population in the 1972 Census. Indians began migrating to Suriname in 1873 as indentured laborers, mostly from Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, and surrounding regions. The embassy called the gathering Phagwa — the confluence of ethnics. It was attended by the capital’s diplomatic community.

Aashna Kanhai Bio

Name: H.E.Aashna Kanhai

Full Name: Aashna Wandana Kanhai

Profession: Indian Foreign Service (IFS) Officer/ Ambassador

Current Position: Ambassador of Suriname in India.

Children: One Daughter

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