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Anita Kishore, the math’s teacher and chief strategy officer driving acquisitions, managing investor relations, raising funds and framing strategies for India’s biggest edtech player. She is the main brains behind some of the biggest acquisitions made by Byju’s globally and in the domestic market. She participates in negotiations to do the acquisition deals, strategic partnerships, and raise large funding rounds along with Raveendran. These include the $1 billion acquisition of New Delhi-based Aakash Educational Services (AESL) in April and the $600 million acquisition of Singapore-headquartered Great Learning, a leading global player in the professional and higher education segment in July this year.

According to her the online medium lends itself really well to teaching a lot of hard concepts because it allows student to visualize. This also provides more value to student’s time by breaking down complicated concepts effectively within three minutes, as opposed to around ten minutes in the classroom. Anita believes, if one never fails, she explains, it might mean that one is either not stepping out of the comfort zone or might not be trying too many things. Just stay passionate, keep trying and don’t worry about the outcome.

Kishore also enjoys playing sports such as lawn tennis and table tennis. In the last few months, she has become very much interested in learning music and playing the keyboard and guitar.

She did her Mechanical Engineering at Veermata Jeejabai Technology Institute in Mumbai and pursued further studies at IIM- Ahmedabad. She then started her corporate job at Boston Consulting Group and in 2012 joined BYJU’s.

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