Aradhana Galgotia

Aradhana Galgotia, the 28 year old charming lady and the brilliant and savvy scion of the Galgotia family is a game-changer who is out to revitalize the education sector with her intelligence, determination and ingenuity. Compassionate at heart, she has taken on the challenge to touch as many lives and fulfill as many dreams of the less fortunate in society pivoted on the power of her professional degree in law.

Aradhana Galgotia


Exploring venues of Self growth

Aradhana Galgotia has an impressive educational background having studied from some of the most prestigious institutions such as Political Science from Jesus and Mary College, New Delhi and LLB Law from Amity Law School, Noida. Wanting to explore her potential further, she came out from the cozy cocoon of her home and went to study LLM in intellectual property at the coveted Queen Mary University of London, UK. This was an interesting phase early in life that gave her international exposure and a global perspective about education and the professional world. Very soon, the 28- year-old vivacious heiress to the Galgotias legacy emerged as a role model for youngsters with her beauty and brains.

Heiress of a rich legacy

She is the zealous daughter of the Galgotia family, who established the renowned Galgotias University, Noida in the bustling NCR region. She proudly carries the genes of enterprise with social responsibility. Carrying her multi-faceted persona of a professional lawyer with elegance and elan, Aradhana Galgotia recalls, “Opting law as a profession was a watershed moment in my life. I am happy to have done law, as it has diverse disciplines that cover every aspect of social life. Also, law provides a wide platform to enhance one’s knowledge and use it for betterment of the society. This profession, not only instills a sense of responsibility and pride, but also builds one’s personality and identity to be taken seriously.”

A multifaceted personality and an avid sportsperson

Aradhana is an avid reader with an interest in wide-ranging topics. Her family played a pivotal role in inculcating the right values and those values have laid a strong foundation for future accomplishments, which she leveraged further through her intellect, vision and perseverance.

She strongly believes that sports benefit Individuals in improving their physical and mental fitness as well as building an all-round personality. She has always been an enthusiastic sportsperson and played a lot of indoor and outdoor games during her college days.

Aradhana is successful in striking a perfect balance in whatever interest she pursues. She emphasizes upon setting a definite timeframe for the task to be accomplished and strict adherence to it definitely helps an Individual to remain disciplined in their approach. It’s always the small consistencies which contribute towards life.

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