Guru Hariharan

Guru Hariharan Bio

Guru Hariharan is well-known as CEO and founder at CommerceIQ. It is an e-commerce channel optimization (ECO) platform that promotes and enables consumer brands to win in e-commerce. He founded this company in 2012. Hariharan has a lot of interest in retail merchandising, technology, and previously, he has been handling the retail work and has stood as the business leader at Amazon. He also looked after the analytical divide in e-commerce and democratizing retail analytics. At Amazon, he has worked in the initial stages of the supply chain and retail merchandising organizations. Hariharan also co-founded the Web Store by Amazon program, working it from various ideas to cash flow positive, and established Amazon’s first self-service B2B marketing channel. Previously he has worked at 3 places, including Boomerang Commerce.

Guru Hariharan Bio

Name: Guru Hariharan

Profession: CEO and Founder, CommerceIQ

Firm: CommerceIQ

Founding year: 2012

Place: San Francisco, California, United States.

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