Nandan Reddy 

Nandan Reddy is  a BITS Pilani alumnus. He previously worked as a consultant and has built a startup around a tablet-based POS for restaurants. He was also part of the core management team at Source Pilani, India’s first rural BPO. He co-founded Bundl with Sriharsha before starting Swiggy. This is because they discovered a huge potential in the logistics and shipping sector within the e-commerce industry. They wanted to democratize shipping and intended to provide the fastest way for people to make shipments across the country. By the time they got ready with the business model of Bundl, they found that the way the e-commerce market worked had changed dramatically.

E-commerce sellers like Flipkart and eBay wanted to handle the shipping of their products themselves and this trend led to the shrinking of the market. They had to shut down their first venture within a year saying, “That’s when we knew that we had to change our focus and it wasn’t worth the opportunity cost. Thankfully, we didn’t have any employees, investors and liabilities at that time.” Their failure for the first time did not put them down.

In most ways, they invented a food delivery platform that was original and incomparable with the existing ones. Establishing itself very soon as the largest online food ordering platform in the country, some of the unique merits of Swiggy include lightning-fast deliveries, live orders, no restrictions on order amounts, and providing the comfort of giving them their most favorite food to the customers wherever they are. The founders of Swiggy Sriharsha Majety and Nandan Reddy have something magical about them. Coming from the background of entrepreneurs, they always said entrepreneurship was always in their blood.

Nandan Reddy Bio
Name: Nandan Reddy
Education: Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani – M.Sc Physics 2005-2010
Number of Portfolio Companies: 1 
Number of Founded Organizations: 1
Primary Job Title: Co-Founder
Primary Organization: Swiggy
Co-Partner of Organization: Sriharsha Majety
Location: Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Regions:  Asia-Pacific (APAC)
Gender: Male
Investor Type: Individual/Angel

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