Nimish Fathima

Nimisha Fathima, a dentist and the daughter of Bindu Sampath from Thiruvananthapuram, had married a Christian man Bexon and both had converted to Islam before traveling to Sri Lanka in 2016 claiming to start a carpet business. They had gone missing in 2015. Nimisha and Bexon had become Fathima and Eesa respectively. They had later joined the Islamic State in Afghanistan. Two women Nimisha aka Fathima and Sonia Sebastian aka Ayesha who had traveled from Kerala to Afghanistan to join the Islamic State. Both their husbands were killed in fighting in Afghanistan. Nimisha Fathima was a Hindu prior to her conversion to Islam. She adopted the name of ‘Fathima Isa’ after her marriage with an ISIS terrorist. She along with 19 others from Kerala flew to Afghanistan in June 2016 to wage a war against the US forces in ISIS-controlled Khorasan Province. She had given birth to a child there. After her terrorist husband was neutralised, she surrendered to the Afghan government in 2019.

Nimisha, who reportedly had migrated to a territory controlled by the Islamic State militants, is suspected to be among those who surrendered before the Afghan security forces in Nangarhar recently. Nimisha’s mother Bindu Sampath said her daughter is among those who surrendered. Bexen, who was a Christian before converting to Islam as Esa.

Nimish Fathima Bio

Name: Nimisha Fathima

Age: 24 years

Birth Place: Ernakulam, Kerela, India.

Other Names: Fathima (Islamic Name), Nimisha Sampath (Birth Name)

Occupation: IS Sympathizer/ Member of the ISIS affiliate

Mother: Bindu Sampath

Marital Status: Widow

Spouse: First: Bexin Vincent (assumed name- Isa)

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