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Indian Institute of Technology graduate Richa Singh created the online portal for mental health and wellness, YourDOST.  Singh wanted to prevent future incidents and her site hosts vetted, affordable counsellors who are available for anyone to talk to, confidentially, for free.

She believes everyone, not just those with severe mental illness, can benefit from therapy, for it can help take care of fears or triggers. Singh continues therapy complementing it with yoga, meditation, conversations with friends and a gratitude journal. In recent months, Singh, who was a state level swimmer and table tennis player, has also taken up her old hobby of painting.

YourDOST, incorporated in July 2015, provides chat, phone and video therapy and has a network of over 900 psychologists, psychotherapists, life and career coaches around the country. Singh, who specialized in user experience design, became interested in mental health as she saw stress take a toll on her, fellow students and colleagues. The interest took the shape of a blog and then, a business. It is available to people via its web platform, and also on mobile through its mobile app.

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