Sabu M Jacob

Sabu M. Jacob is the Chairman and Managing Director of Kitex Garments. He is also the chief coordinator of Twenty20, an Indian nonprofit political party & charitable organization at Kizhakkambalam in Ernakulam district, Kerala promoted by the Kitex Group.


Born Kizhakkambalam, Ernakulam, Kerala, India
Nationality India
Alma mater : Union Christian College, Aluva
Age : 54 years
Occupation Businessman
Parent(s) Late M. C. Jacob
Late Aleyamma Jacob
Awards Finalist for EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2015

Inspired by his father’s entrepreneurial success, Sabu Jacob decided to establish a garment unit of his own in 1992. This cent percent export oriented business began its operations from Kizhakkambalam in 1995, and has today, emerged as the world’s third largest infant wear manufacturing company. The company is listed as one of the best Asian companies by Forbes. Kitex Garments is part of the larger Anna-Kitex Group. The group has an annual turnover of ₹1,500 crore, of which Kitex garments rakes in ₹1,050 crore, while Bobby’s business has a turnover of ₹500 crore.

In 2013 Twenty-20 was founded to implement Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives of the company in Kizhakkambalam, the eastern suburb of Kochi. In 2015, Twenty20 Kizhakkambalam backed independent candidates in the panchayat elections.

The long-term objective of Twenty-20 was to make Kizhakkambalam a model village by the year 2020 – a model of sustainable development, replicable anywhere in India and the world. In November 2015 Twenty-20 managed to win local body elections with 69 percent vote share Development initiatives were carried out by Twenty-20 through Housing Projects, Drinking Water Projects, Health, Agriculture, Education, Employment Opportunities, Green initiative, Anti-Corruption, Infrastructure, school upgrades and kindergartens, supplementary diet, Anti Alcohol Movement environmental protection activities and women empowerment programs.

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