Shantanu Narayen

Shantanu Narayen is an American business executive. He has been the chairman, president, and chief executive officer of Adobe Inc. since December 2007. Prior to this, he was the company’s president and chief operating officer since 2005. Shantanu Narayen is much like Adobe itself. Quiet, intelligent, and everywhere. Shantanu isn’t just the CEO of Adobe, he is also the board member of Dell Inc, and the board member of the University of California. In 2011, he was even appointed as a member of the management advisory board of the President of the United States, Barrack Obama.

Shantanu Narayen started off his career at Apple. Post that, after a stint as a director of Silicon Graphics, he co-founded Pictra Inc., a company that was one of the first internet photo-sharing companies of the world. Soon after that, he took up a job as the Vice President in Adobe. It was while trying to sell his Pictra to Adobe that he landed a job. No, he did not succeed in selling the company to Adobe though. While working at Adobe, he quickly climbed the ladder and was made the CEO within a span of just ten years.

Shantanu Narayen Bio

Name: Shantanu Narayen
Profession: CEO Of Adobe
Born: 27 May 1963 (age 58 years), Hyderabad
Sun Sign: Gemini
Spouse: Reni Narayen
Net worth: $287 Million dollars
Board member: Adobe Inc. Pfizer
Education: MBA- University of California, Berkeley, and Masters in Computer Science- Bowling Green University; B.E.- Electronics and Communication Engineering- Osmania University; Local Hyderabad Public School.
Children: Shravan Narayen, Arjun Narayen
Awards: Padma Shri

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