Subashini Iyer

Indian-born Subashini Iyer has been overseeing the rocket core stage of Nasa’s ambitious project to send a spacecraft to the moon and beyond. Subashini Iyer is Coimbatore-born and has been associated with Space Launch System (SLS) for the past two years. For the uninitiated, NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS) is the space agency’s new and most powerful rocket that will enable astronauts to begin their journey to explore destinations far into the solar system.

In 1992, Subashini Iyer was the first girl to earn a degree in mechanical engineering in her college. Subashini Iyer said, “It has been nearly 50 years since we last stepped on the moon We are getting ready to take humans back to the moon and beyond, to Mars.” Subashini Iyer added, “My role involves overseeing any support that Nasa needs once the core stage is built and handed over to Nasa.” Subashini Iyer says that ‘NASA’s mission is the Artemis-1 spacecraft Orion, in which no scientist has gone to the moon. Which is the first part of China’s very complex mission to the moon. Under this, we will land on the surface of the moon and we plan to land on the surface of Mars as well. The journey will be a memorable journey for the whole world.

Subashini Iyer is handling the core stage of the rocket, which is the backbone of this mission. The Artemis mission is an ambitious NASA project and its first phase is being overseen by engineer Subashini Iyer.

Subashini Iyer Bio

Name: Subashini Iyer

Birth Place: Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

Education: Graduate (B.E. in Mechanical Engineering)

College: VLB Jankimal College in Tamil Nadu

Profession: Mechanical Engineer

Mission: NASA Artemis Mission

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