Word of the Day – Mufti



Ordinary dress as distinguished from that denoting an occupation or station; especially :civilian clothes when worn by a person in the armed forces.


“Norderval sings in a soaring, evocative line. Even in mufti, her performance, not as honed as it will be after another three weeks of rehearsals, is riveting.” — Cynthia Robins, The San Francisco Chronicle, 17 June 2001.

Did You Know?

In the Islamic tradition, a mufti is a professional jurist who interprets Muslim law. When religious muftis were portrayed on the English stage in the early 19th century, they typically wore costumes that included a dressing gown and a tasseled cap—an outfit that some felt resembled the clothing preferred by the off-duty military officers of the day. The clothing sense of mufti, which first appeared in English around that same time, is thought to have developed out of this association of stage costume and civilian clothing.

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