New word is added to the Dictionary every two hours!

John: Mary, I need to finish my English homework. Can you help me? I need to borrow your Oxford dictionary.
Mary: Sure I will help you John, but do remind me to buy the new version of the dictionary tomorrow.
John: New version? Isn’t a dictionary like, forever?
Mary: No it isn’t. Do you know that a new word is added to the dictionary every two hours? So if that happens every day, imagine how many words will be added to the dictionary in a year!
John: Wow! Is that so… but where do they get hold of so many new words from?

How are new words born?

Reason: Everywhere. There can be old words or phrases which have been used and the meanings not known or new phrases or words or even slang words used today to communicate.
Mary: Oh right, I came to know that the word ‘Oompa Loompa’ from Charlie and the Chocolate factory has been added to the Oxford dictionary.
John: ‘Oompa Loompa’? Really? Hahahaha. That’s silly!
Mary: You are silly!
Reason: She is right John. These are not just any silly words that are added. They are added because they have a meaning or refer to something unique.
John: That is interesting. I can’t imagine how much people who make dictionaries read!
Reason: They do read a lot! Today Oxford Dictionary is one of the largest and longest running research projects. Changes in language reflect in the day to day world… and so does in the dictionaries.
John: Well, then let’s go get the new version of the Dictionary and then get on with the homework. Maybe we can fit in some new words too!
Mary: Oh sure! That’s likely, nincompoop.
John: Huh?
Mary: Go get a dictionary.

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